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  • Major Boost For Dawsonrentals Euro 6 Fleet
Dawsonrentals Largest UK Euro 6 Fleet

With Euro 6 now in place for 12 months, leading truck rental and leasing company, Dawsonrentals, already has over 30% of its truck fleet at Euro 6. “The pace of investment has been dictated,” says Dawsonrentals managing director, John Fletcher, “by a surge of operator interest as very positive reliability, performance and fuel efficiency results have established themselves over the past 12 months.”

The move to Euro 6 sees the Dawsonrentals fleet with a mix of 1400 Euro 6 tractors and rigids, either delivered or on order for delivery early next year, among its overall 4,000 plus UK truck fleet.  These will be some 1000 tractors and around 400 rigid vehicles.

The Euro 6 tractor fleet will feature largely Mercedes Benz Actros models, with the fleet of 12-26t rigids coming from Mercedes Benz, DAF, MAN and Volvo. “The company,” continued John Fletcher, “has not made any final decisions about rigids below 12t, as yet. However, we suspect the diminishing impact of grandfather rights at the 7.5t level, coupled with the significantly increased operating efficiency offered by 12t models, will see these larger vehicles gradually becoming more attractive to operators as we go forward.”

These plans are solely to keep the Dawsonrentals fleet at its current size, though in the coming months a growth of around 5% is planned: further options are available to accommodate anticipated growth which is expected to escalate further during the coming year. “We envisage placing over £100m worth of orders overall during the year to maintain current capacity and boost the fleet in line with planned business growth. Looking further forward, if our best estimates prove correct, 2016 will see even stronger growth of the truck fleet. Trailers too are currently in the spotlight for us, we have around 8,000 dry freight and fridge trailers in our rental and contract hire leasing fleet, and we will be announcing fresh orders for those shortly.”

Dawsonrentals operates a very strict ‘holding life’ on its fleet: a life which sees most trucks moved through into its own used vehicle sales operation well within a two year period and trailers at around five to seven years. This, says Fletcher, is aimed at delivering two benefits to operators. “First, we ensure we have a very modern and relatively low mileage rental fleet to offer our customers,” he says, “While the second is to make a range of very high standard used trucks and trailers available for those looking to add them to their fleet. We have always controlled this aspect ourselves, to make sure we can deliver the quality inherent in the vehicles on offer.”

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