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  • Dawsonrentals Launches 'Auto Centres' Range

A brand new portable auto repair/service workshop system, suitable for tyre, lube, glass, electrical and paint work, is being introduced by Dawsonrentals at the 2015 CV Show. On its stand (5C30) in Hall 5 the company will be exhibiting a module capable of taking a hi-roof 3.5t van for simple body repair and spraying, showing the unit’s full paint mixing and storage capability, climate control, three-stage extraction systems, ultra-quiet compressor, scissor lift, low-energy infrared curing unit and the integrated reception area with viewing window. The display model is the largest of the current units, taking up about four normal car park bays when deployed, though modules for smaller vehicles are available.

The spray workshops, designed to allow two technicians to work at the same time, feature a variety of other technological refinements to deliver maximum operational efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Two-speed/three-stage centralised dust extraction keeps the workshop and work clean, LED lighting panels deliver both good all-round work visibility and low power consumption, while CCTV and other security systems are fitted for general and work-related safety. In the case of the spray unit, Dawsonrentals has partnered with Xpress Centres to offer top quality training for any customer who requires additional or uprated staff for their unit.  

Workshops for other repair and maintenance work can be equally well-specified, and Dawsonrentals reports strong interest from a variety of areas following initial launch publicity. Speaking on behalf of Dawsongroup, managing director, Steve Miller, said, “This is an interesting product extension for the group, but what convinced us finally was the overall quality of the workshops and their systems and the fact that we can support them fully through our network of 36 UK branches.”

The group has plans to install spray workshops in each of its dedicated van branches in the coming months. Steve Miller commented, “For any fleet, the installation of a unit, whether for a month, year or longer, is instantly going to deliver great cost-savings and ensure premium quality work but without all the cost and continuing investment needed into permanent premises.” Once the workshops are all installed and fully operational, Miller intends to open the service up to the groups van and car customers. He said, “All our van customers, almost by definition, run their own vans and cars, as well as renting and leasing from us to cover peak seasons and meet other fleet demands.
So even if they can’t justify a centre of their own, they can now come to us and add to the value they enjoy at Dawsonrentals vans branches by accessing the economy and quality of these units for their work. We see it as a very valuable, cost and time-saving opportunity – they can bring in a vehicle for paint work, rent an immediate replacement and be instantly back in full operation. And when they drop the rental vehicle back their own van or car is beautifully restored and waiting to go – it just couldn’t be simpler.”

A further benefit of the new Dawsonrentals auto centres is seen as the opportunity, for sites with good existing vehicle traffic, to ‘link’ a number of the workshops into what Steve Miller describes as an “Auto Village”.

The concept would enable businesses, such as the operators of long-term car parks for example, to be able to offer customers, as well as the spray facility, anything from glass replacement, electrical repair, lubrication services, exhaust and brake replacements, tyre services and so on – even a central reception centre. “The extension opportunities are already in existence and deliverable,” commented Steve Miller, adding, “All people need to do is decide on their individual opportunities and then get this business extension up and earning for them. And because these units are all fully portable and available from us rental or lease packages, they can be delivered to sites and moved on again simply and cost-effectively.”

Dawsongroup is expected to roll out individual workshops and Auto Villages across all its UK branches over the coming 3-4 years.

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